Kristina is a wholehearted & courageous life explorer and writer, with an absolutely amazing love for life.

Around 40, her awakening came. By experiencing brain stress, she got her eye-opener to make two decisions that would transform her and her family’s life — selling almost everything and moving to Mallorca (with her 2 children and husband) and then making an adventurous trip in the USA. These amazing life experiences have made her feel alive, and her unstoppable curiosity has filled a purpose — to create an understanding of life as a journey, with spontaneous learning and opportunities to create thrilling expansion and not just act as separate destinations.

And from that, big love for writing emerged. Which has opened a new door for writing fictional and humorous adventurous short stories with peculiar events. Like adding a sweet dose of unexpected quirkiness to our daily everyday life ... 

Kristina is a firm believer that we all have the capability to create our own reality. Her wish for you is to be inspired, to see possibilities where there are challenges and to open up for a living that resonates with your own heartfelt desires. Explore and be amazed at what you can create when you start to view challenges as possibilities!

Be ‘Sporadious’!



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