So it begins ...!

”I know the road from my home to the train station, I have taken it hundreds of times, but I can’t seem to get there. I feel like crying and laughing at the same time and my never-ending and guiding joy is long gone. My heart aches, I shiver from anxiety and inside I scream as loud as I can … I feel unable to stop the wheel from spinning faster and faster. Every day I pray that I will collapse so that everything would just stop and so I do …”


"Hi Kristina,
I so loved the book! I wanted it to keep going on!
It took me getting sick to slow down enough to find the time to read it though ... I am sure glad I took time to read the book. It made my day!
You put a lot of what I feel into words that make sense and give clarity. I love the simple steps to be able to transform myself or reconnect with my inner being once again! This year has been a challenging year for us in so many ways. It has been a growing year for sure! Sometimes just realizing who you are is enough, it is a liberating feeling!
So glad the universe had our paths cross! So glad technology gives us a way to stay connected!"

-  Love and Light, Shelly



Enjoy my introduction and the first chapter!


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About the Book

”I want more from life and to once again feel alive, be excited and passionate 'awake'. For me that can only mean one thing — taking a new route into the fearful unknown, where I start to believe possibilities lie.”

This book has inspirational pictures and mall exercises and opportunities for your own reflection. To each chapter, invite you to kick-start your own journey according to your own desires.

Join my transformational journey, both emotionally and geographically, from a hopeless to a strengthened state. Going from a long sick leave, due to brain stress, to changing careers, selling our home and opening up to a new adventure; to move abroad.

I wrote this book to review my patterns, remember my experience and as an inspiration for you, who feel stuck in life, who don't see that you have a choice to break free, or know how to start to change your direction of life.

It´s based on my own experiences and inspirational insights I have crossed on my path, which have helped me to make an honest self-scan while letting go, transforming and opening up for new things to enter my life.

Be 'Sporadious'!


“Trying can never be a failure if being 
courageous and wholehearted is a strength.”